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A Highrise Condo Gets a Cat-Friendly Makeover

"The bedroom needed a focal point and doing a linen-paint treatment was the way we achieved it. Simply painting the wall behind the headboard gave the room depth and texture," says Courtney. To achieve your own faux-linen accent wall, Courtney recommends checking out this helpful paint tutorial. Photos courtesy of Adza

A Highrise Condo Gets a Cat-Friendly Makeover

December 8, 2013

Turning a cramped, high-rise condo into a cat-friendly oasis (on a budget) isn't a job for everyone, but for interior designer Courtney Lake, it's a dream gig. Armed with an arsenal of impressive painting techniques and a skill for bargain shopping, Courtney transformed this downtown San Francisco space into something his client (and cat) could happily call home. Keep reading for the design tips that made us do a double take!

Photos courtesy of Adza