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dorset exterior 'Gypsy' wagons: Colorful mobile homes of the past (and the future?)

A wagon photographed at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in England. The next photo shows the ornate interior.

'Gypsy' wagons: Colorful mobile homes of the past (and the future?)

Call them the RVs of the past: So-called gypsy wagons are making a comeback.

Nomadic groups in the mid-19th century used wagons for housing and transportation, but the charming vehicles are alive and well among people wanting to reconnect with their heritage or just enjoy the great outdoors.

Known more formally as vardos, they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, echoing the ornate and vibrant aesthetic of those who first used them, commonly the British Romani (or "Gypsies" -- a name that has its roots in the word "Egyptian," which was misapplied to these groups).

The wagons are a niche that's “popular and continuing to grow in North America and beyond," says Tiny House Blog owner Kent Griswold, who features the wagons occasionally on his blog. | By Ilyce Glink, Yahoo Homes

Click here to see videos of gypsy caravans to accompany our slideshow!

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