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Greece killing anniversary

Graffiti on a burned house where a 15-year old student was killed in 2008 prior a protest commemorating his killing, in Athens, Friday, Dec. 6, 2013. Riot police fired small amounts of tear gas Friday during a march of more than 1,500 high school students to mark the fifth anniversary of a fatal police shooting of a teenager. Fifteen-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos was killed on the night of Dec. 6, 2008, when a policeman fired his gun following an argument in the center of the Greek capital. (AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis)

Greece killing anniversary

Yahoo News

Police clashed with demonstrators in central Athens on Friday as thousands attended rallies to mark the fifth anniversary of a fatal police shooting of a teenager — a killing that triggered major riots in Greek cities for three weeks.

Police said four officers were injured in the clashes on Friday, 17 people were arrested for causing public disturbances and a further 184 people were detained for questioning.

Several hundred youths hurled rocks and petrol bombs at police, burned two cars and set fire to piles of garbage, after about 5,000 protesters held two separate marches. Police used tear gas, pepper spray and stun grenades against the rioters. (AP)