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Gallery: CNBC's worst states to live in

10. Arkansas

Arkansas' official nickname is the Natural State. But perhaps a bit more natural food might be in order. The United Health Foundation says more than one third of Arkansas residents are obese. One quarter of all adults are smokers. In all, Arkansans are among the least healthy people in the nation. Fewer than 60 percent of state residents are optimistic, according to Gallup. But Arkansas does live up to its nickname when it comes to the environment.

2014 Quality of Life score: 95 points (out of 300)
Weaknesses: Crime rate, health
Strength: Air quality
2013 Quality of Life rank: 40
2014 Top States overall rank: 30

Photo: Arkansas' Boston Mountains, shot by Carol Von Canon, Flickr

Gallery: CNBC's worst states to live in

July 8, 2014

By Scott Cohn & Betsy Cline, CNBC

There are many ideal places around the country to raise a family, get a job and have a great recreational lifestyle. Then there are the states mired in problems that don't get high marks for quality of life in America's Top States for Business. We look at several factors—including crime rate, local attractions, health care and the environment—for the ranking. These 10 states rank last. If you call one of them home, you may disagree. But by the objective measures we consider in our Quality of Life category, these states have plenty of room for improvement.

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