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In this Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 photo, Salaka Djicke stands in the prison cell where she was held for two nights by Islamic police after being caught having a relationship with a married man, in Timbuktu, Mali. Until they were chased out by the French last week, the Islamic extremists who controlled northern Mali since April applied a harsh brand of Shariah in the moderate Muslim region. Djicke was publicly whipped, and at least one other unmarried couple was executed by stoning. (AP Photo/Harouna Traore)

Forbidden love in Timbuktu

Salaka Djicke reflects on the horror she endured during 10 months of Islamist rule in her hometown of Timbuktu, Mali. Salaka and her boyfriend continued seeing each other in secret, even after Shariah rule was imposed, risking death for a chance to love. Her body still bears the scars of the Shariah punishment she endured, after she was caught on Dec. 31, just two weeks before French forces liberated Timbuktu.