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Even Luke Skywalker can't save Tunisia

Director, George Lucas, and actor, Mark Hamill, who portrays young Luke Skywalker, are shown on the salt flats of Tunisia during principal photography of the original "Star Wars" in March 1976. Thereâs no mistaking the similarities. A childhood on a dusty farm, a love of fast vehicles, a rebel who battles an overpowering empire, George Lucas is the hero he created, Luke Skywalker. (AP Photo/Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM)

Even Luke Skywalker can't save Tunisia

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The outskirts of Matmata, a small town tucked up in bare hilly country, are pockmarked with the circular courtyards of subterranean houses.

In one of the houses once lived a local boy made good: Luke Skywalker.

The house where the Star Wars hero's journey began is now a hotel and tourist attraction. But recently it has been found almost deserted. (CSM)