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Europe Urbex

A chateau in Belgium. (Caters/Dan Marbaix)

Europe Urbex

Get ready for your hell-iday! Take a look inside the most unattractive

holiday scrapbook compiled of decrepit and decaying buildings around the


For travelers who fancy bed bugs in Belgium or going hungry in

Hungary these are the places to head to.

Forgotten French farmhouses and

crumbling British baths are just some of the bizarre tours one extreme

explorer chooses to spend his summer holidays in.

Dan Marbaix has gained

unique access to some of the rarest places in the world and uses any

method he can to do so.

The 33-year-old photographer creeps, ducks,

climbs, scrambles and squeezes his way into abandoned sites and

buildings to get unparalleled holiday experiences - even having to

sidestep security at time. (Caters/Dan Marbaix)