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Underwater volcano

Volcanic activity in the sea off the Canary island of El Hierro is seen in this areal photo taken and released by the Canary Islands Government on Friday Nov. 4, 2011. The regional government of the Canary Islands on Saturday Nov. 5, 2011has ordered the evacuation of homes and road closures near the southern tip of El Hierro after two earth tremors and increased offshore volcanic activity caused a buildup of malodorous debris floating on the sea.Seismic activity began in the area on July 17 and residents have since been rocked by more than 10,000 tremors, while underwater fissures have released an almost continuous flow of sulfurous gases, smoke and hot objects.El Hierro has some 11,000 residents and was formed by volcanic activity. (AP Photo/Canary Islands Government) EDITORIAL USE ONLY - NO SALES

Erupting underwater volcano off Spanish coast

Residents of La Restinga on the island of El Hierro were recently evacuated after weeks of earthquakes and the growing threat of an erupting underwater volcano that is making its presence known on the surface with an expanding, bubbling patch of dark debris.