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A re-painted painting by Banksy, which sold at auction for $615,000 on Oct. 31, 2013 with the proceeds going to charity. (banksyny.com)

Elusive street artist 'Banksy' takes New York

Yahoo News

The secretive street artist Banksy ended his self-announced monthlong residency in New York City with a final piece of graffiti, a $615,000 painting donated to charity and a debate: Is he a jerk or a genius?

Banksy, who created a new picture, video or prank every day of October somewhere in the city, spent his last day like thousands of graffiti artists before him: He tagged a building near a highway with his name in giant bubble letters. The twist was that these letters were actual bubbles: balloon-like inflatables stuck to a wall near the Long Island Expressway in Queens. (AP)