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memes of the 2012 campaign

Eastwooding Clint Eastwood’s surprise appearance during the last night of the Republican National Convention should have been the highlight of the event. Instead, his rambling, confused remarks made for viral candy—and punchlines. Eastwood took the stage with an empty chair, which he proceeded to address as if the president were sitting in it. Amazingly, the Obama campaign may have out-meme’ed the collective genius of the internet, by tweeting, “This seat’s taken.” Without mentioning Eastwood or the RNC. With a picture of the president in an official looking chair. Burn. (Photo courtesy @delrayser/Twitter)

The memes of the 2012 campaign

January 1, 1970

From Bronco Bama to doggie sunglasses, these videos, one-liners and photos were everywhere. --By Phoebe Connelly and Dylan Stableford