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memes of the 2012 campaign

Santorum's Sweater Vests Rick Santorum took signature style to a new, geeky level with his penchant for the sweater vest--at one point offering supporters who donated more than $100 to his campaign their own, 100% cotton, made-in-America garment. “Don’t let sleeves slow you down,” the campaign pitched, “Donate today!” We’ll let Scarlett Johansson take this one: "Oh gosh, so sad,” THE ACTRESS SAID WHERE? WHEN? My dad wore them and I mean they're charming for family photos I guess and dinner with the grandparents. I think there's an ironic way to wear a sweater vest but other than that I'm not sure." (Photo courtesy @AnthonyNBCNews/Instagram

The memes of the 2012 campaign

From Bronco Bama to doggie sunglasses, these videos, one-liners and photos were everywhere. --By Phoebe Connelly and Dylan Stableford