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memes of the 2012 campaign

Newt Gingrich holding animals As a child, Newt Gingrich didn’t dream of the White House: he wanted to run a zoo. In a November 2011 interview with ABC and Yahoo, Gingrich said that the happiest moment of his life was "either looking for dinosaurs with Jack Horner in Montana, or being with my wife Callista on the Serengeti Plain, taking pictures of animals." After his unsuccessful run for the Republican nomination, the candidate made it a point to visit zoos, tweet about the charm of FBI dogs, and admire armadillos. Slideshow gold. (Photo by Joe Marquette/AP)

The memes of the 2012 campaign

From Bronco Bama to doggie sunglasses, these videos, one-liners and photos were everywhere. --By Phoebe Connelly and Dylan Stableford