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memes of the 2012 campaign

A Better Amercia The Romney campaign released its first campaign app--an Instagram-esque photo app allowing users to overlay their photos with pro-Romney campaign slogans--in May. But excitement quickly turned to mockery with the discovery that one of the filters had misspelled … America. Unfortunately for the campaign, there was no quick fix; it had to wait for iTunes and to process the update and then for users to accept it. All of which left plenty of time for those who downloaded the to create their very own images of what “Amercia” meant to them. (Image courtesy http://ericuhlir.tumblr.com)

The memes of the 2012 campaign

From Bronco Bama to doggie sunglasses, these videos, one-liners and photos were everywhere. --By Phoebe Connelly and Dylan Stableford