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memes of the 2012 campaign

In an early attempt to lock down female voters, the Obama campaign in May released a timeline of how the president’s policy proposals would affect the life of a hypothetical woman named “Julia.” The conservative Heritage Foundation immediately offered its own 12-step walk through of Julia’s life and commentators took to Twitter to mock the Obama campaign’s take. “Whatever Julia’s status as a composite character, or a beneficiary of munificent government handouts, or an infantilized Canadian type who can’t do jack for herself, Julia is an intriguing cartoon character, as emblematic of her time as Dagwood or Doonesbury or Dilbert,” wrote Virginia Heffernan.

The memes of the 2012 campaign

From Bronco Bama to doggie sunglasses, these videos, one-liners and photos were everywhere. --By Phoebe Connelly and Dylan Stableford