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High on the Hills: Kanatal
White misty peaks do a peek-a-boo with the clouds. Sun-kissed mountains. Flowers at my feet and birds in the air. Kanatal is not just another town nestled somewhere in Uttarakhand. Its charm lies in the fact that it is delightfully non-existent to the tourist. If silence is your way of celebrating romance, then this town near Dehradun should be on your itinerary. One more thing – go for long walks with the deodars for company.

Eight destinations for passionate travellers

February 13, 2013

Romance is all pervasive. As the poets would claim, it is all about “beauty and truth”. Love, as they say, is always in the air. You do not need a place and time to fall in love. Yet it is that time of the year when we choose the destinations that will stoke passions.

LAKSHMI SHARATH picks eight accessible destinations in India from charming seasides, quiet hill stations, heritage temples and enchanting wildernesses that send her heart aflutter. Make plans for a long weekend!