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Passion in stone: Belur (More photos)
It is a love affair that began five years ago. My tryst with the Hoysalas began with the ancient town of Velapuri, the ancient capital of the dynasty built on the banks of the river Yagachi.  Today we know it as Belur, the home of the beautiful Chennakesava temple. The temple is sheer poetry in stone. Look at the curved damsels carved as bracket figures. These apsaras or Madanikas are perfect in every way. They are believed to have been inspired by the Hoysala queen Shantala.

Eight destinations for passionate travellers

February 13, 2013

Romance is all pervasive. As the poets would claim, it is all about “beauty and truth”. Love, as they say, is always in the air. You do not need a place and time to fall in love. Yet it is that time of the year when we choose the destinations that will stoke passions.

LAKSHMI SHARATH picks eight accessible destinations in India from charming seasides, quiet hill stations, heritage temples and enchanting wildernesses that send her heart aflutter. Make plans for a long weekend!