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14. John Ramsey

Total given: $2,800,933 R

A portrait of the donor as a (very) young man: John Ramsey, 21-years-old, studies economics and finance at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Not surprisingly, he’s the only student there to have founded a super PAC. Ramsey put the millions he inherited from his grandfather’s fortune toward starting the Liberty for All Super PAC, according to an interview with Bloomberg News. Stressing his interest in spreading the wealth around several races, Ramsey’s first candidate of choice was Kentucky Republican anti-tax activist Thomas Massie, who, with help from Ramsey, won the state’s 4th congressional district. Ramsey is a major Ron Paul supporter, looking to spread the gospel of libertarian revolution.

The presidential race's top donors

From high-flying businessmen to a 21-year-old student, here are the people donating the biggest bucks to the presidential race. Get to know the top five donors, as well some honorable mentions you might not have expected to help make this most expensive presidential race in history. All data from OpenSecrets.org.