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20. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.

Total given: $2,229,539 R

Jon M. Huntsman, Sr. donated over $2 million to the pro-Huntsman Our Destiny PAC for his son’s unsuccessful presidential bid. Huntsman the elder is a well-known philanthropist and businessman who joined with his brother, Blaine, to found Huntsman Container Corporation in 1970. It was there that he began to make his mark on the container industry: every time you tear a McDonald’s hamburger from its cardboard clamshell box, give a thought to Huntsman, Sr. By the 1990s he had built up Huntsman Corp, a global chemical company and, more recently, he collaborated with Bain Capital alumni Robert C. Gay to form a new private equity firm, Huntsman Gay Global Capital. Though Jon Huntsman, Jr. couldn’t make it past the New Hampshire primary this election year, his father may be moved to support him again should he choose to run in 2016.

The presidential race's top donors

October 4, 2012

From high-flying businessmen to a 21-year-old student, here are the people donating the biggest bucks to the presidential race. Get to know the top five donors, as well some honorable mentions you might not have expected to help make this most expensive presidential race in history. All data from OpenSecrets.org.