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Canadian Prime Minister Harper, right, surveys the scene Sunday, July 7, 2013, in Lac Megantic, Quebec, as firefighters continue to spray derailed tanker cars. A runaway train derailed Saturday causing explosions of railway cars carrying crude oil and destroyed part of the downtown area of Lac Megantic. (AP Photo/THE CANADIAN PRESS, Paul Chiasson)

Deadly Canada train crash

Some 40 people are still missing after a train carrying oil

somehow came loose early Saturday morning (July 6), speeding downhill nearly seven

miles into the town of Lac Megantic, Canada, and derailing, with at least five of the cars exploding. "This is an unbelievable disaster," said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen

Harper, who toured the town on July 7 and compared it to a war zone. "This

is an enormous area, 30 buildings just completely destroyed, for all

intents and purposes incinerated. There isn't a family that is not

affected by this."