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Childhood drawings recreated

An eagle recreated into a three dimensional digital painting. (Caters News/Telmo Pieper)

Childhood drawings recreated

Yahoo News

A strange looking fly turned into a three dimensional digital painting. Some people will say that every child's drawing is a masterpiece, but one artist has revisited some of his earliest illustrations to create a collection of surreal paintings. After discovering a pile of his old childhood doodles.

Dutch-based artist, Telmo Pieper, 25, decided to digitally recreate the sketches into hyper realistic, three-dimensional works of art. Whether its a beaming bear or a curious looking car, the series entitled Kiddie Art gives an amusing and fascinating glimpse into the wild imagination of a 4-year-old boy.

Luckily, its fair to say that Telmos art skills have now far surpassed his former efforts and after tracing the lines of each image into Photoshop, he then set about researching an accurate color palette that would make the illustrations seem as life like as possible. (Caters News/Telmo Pieper)

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