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Chicago hostage standoff

Police stage at an intersection as law enforcement officials continue to negotiate with at least one hostage-taker for the release of two children and two adults he is still holding inside a house in the southern Chicago suburb of Harvey, Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. The standoff began at 12:45 p.m. Tuesday when Harvey police responded to reports from a neighbor of a possible burglary at the home. Two officers were wounded in an initial exchange of gunfire. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

Chicago hostage standoff

Yahoo News

Negotiators worked late into the night in an effort to persuade two men barricaded in a home in the southern Chicago suburb of Harvey to end their standoff with police and release the last of six children and two adults they took hostage. Four of the children had been released after hours of talks between the suspects and hostage negotiators.

Authorities say the two men took the captives after Harvey police responded to a call of a burglary in progress at a home about 12:50 p.m. Tuesday. There was an exchange of gunfire that left two officers wounded. (AP)

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