Chef Alex Atala, Lifetime Achievement winner for Latin America, in photos

AFP Relax News

Alex Atala, credited with leading a culinary revolution in Brazil with his influential and multiple award-winning restaurant D.O.M. in Sao Paulo, has been given the lifetime achievement award for Latin America by organizers of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.Described alternately as a pioneer and a culinary ambassador for Brazilian cuisine, in recent years the trailblazing chef has gained the world’s attention for using local, Amazonian ingredients like wild ants and resurrecting the flavors of local foods like acai, pupunha (a palm fruit) and cupuacu -- foods that were formerly snubbed.

Take a virtual tour of Atala’s offerings at D.O.M. and see why the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Latin America bestowed the illustrious title on one of Brazil’s biggest culinary exports.