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You're Covered in Scratches

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You're Covered in Scratches
Little ones all over your hands and arms -- we all know kittens love to play and their claws are crazy big.

The Cat's Meow: 7 Telltale Signs There's a New Kitten in the House

I am loving life with a new kitten in the house! It's been a long time since we've had a little one in the house and it's all coming back to me just how much work a new kitten is. I am still really getting to know our older adopted cat Ariel, who has been a part of our family for 6 months, and she's amazing too, but I have to say this kitten phase is a whole new thing for me. Truthfully, even if I wanted to keep the fact we got a new kitten in the house a secret, there are some obvious signs that Gmork is in our home. It seems no matter how much you want to keep life the same, kittens are bound to change things and those signs become evident to everyone. Click through to read 7 telltale signs you've got a new kitten in the house, even if you're trying to hide it. - By Devan McGuinness


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