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DIYs Inspired by the Biggest Moments in Design History

History Lesson: In early 18th-century France, rococo replaced the rigidness of classic architectural and furniture design with styles influenced by nature, Chinese design, and asymmetry. Matching C-scrolls and S-curves became all the rage, as well as more practical pieces of furniture like side tables, nightstands, and even comfortable armchairs. The first sofa was designed during this period as a double-size armchair. Make It Your Own: Emersonmade created fabric wall flowers inspired by the popular rococo motif

Casa Reads: Past & Present

History buffs and weekend warriors will get a kick out of our latest book obsession, Past & Present: 24 Favorite Moments in Decorative Arts History and 24 Modern DIY Projects Inspired by Them. Penned by Design Sponge Managing Editor Amy Azzarito, this new book connects influential design eras to current decorating trends. Fascinating (but digestible) essays fill in the historical context, while easy-to-follow DIY projects created by top design talent reinterpret them for the modern home. Keep reading to check out our six favorite projects along with a brief history lesson and final reveal for each!