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A Cape Cod Fixer-Upper Becomes a Fantasy Beach House

PS: Which features were you eager to renovate? AE: Nothing had happened decor-wise since the 1970s. We couldn't wait to peel back the layers of wallpaper, carpet, linoleum flooring, and plastic tile to reveal its original state. Most of the exciting discoveries were in the kitchen, like the rustic heart pine floor that was covered up by multiple layers over the years and the vaulted ceiling with raw-cut beams that was hidden by a sagging drop ceiling. We also added a large triple-pane window to the eat-in part of the kitchen - this really opened up the view of all the natural beauty outside

A Cape Cod Fixer-Upper Becomes a Fantasy Beach House

July 5, 2013

We always knew interior-designer-turned-apothecary-owner Alison Evans had great taste, but moving across the country to restore a historic home (in under just four months!) takes vision. Built by a sea captain in the early 19th century, the home hadn't been touched since the '70s, but beyond the layers of dingy linoleum, wallpaper, and carpeting, Alison and husband Jon could envision their dream home. Located in East Orleans, MA, their new hometown is known for its sweet mom-and-pop shops, fabulous farmers market, and the best beaches around - including an exclusive residents beach just a five-minute drive from their home! Keep reading to see some of our favorite design moments in the house and get Alison's tips for starting a decorating project from scratch.

Photos courtesy of Organic Photography