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1. A Long Sleeve LBD
Since the color and silhouette are so basic, I'd look for one with a few defining details; perhaps a lace-trimmed hemline or slouchy pockets. Those kinds of little extras won't make it any less versatile, but a lot more special. On The Go Mini, $88, freepeople.com; PIQUE MESH LONG SLEEVE TWIST DRESS, $265, alexanderwang.com; Pleated Lace Dress, $425, stevenalan.com
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How to Build Your Perfect Fall Wardrobe with Just 11 Pieces

by Alison Syrett Cleary

Blame it on all the talk about minimalism this season, or Garance Doré's tips on dressing like a French girl (rule number 1: always stay true to your style, even if it's not on trend), but I'm really trying to whittle my wardrobe down to the essentials. Hopefully, once stripped of impulse sale buys, flash-in-pan novelties and other distractions from the stuff I actually do wear, my closet will become an outfit-making machine, filled with only things that match each other. This fall, for me, that means the 11 items in the slideshow above. Click through to shop my autumn picks now.

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