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In 1880, this name was used 100% for boys. By 2012, it was 98% female.
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A Boy Named Sue: 7 Popular Girl Baby Names that Used to Be 100% Male

While my name's roots aren't deep, its pronunciation often befuddled, and its meaning nonexistent, one thing has always been certain: Aela is a girl's name, through and through. But is any name really all boy or all girl? I had always mostly thought so, with the obvious exceptions like Jessie and Alex. And then I came across an article on one of my often-read baby name blogs, Nameberry, that made me question it all. Ashley was once solely a boy's name? And Cassidy, too? And Kim? Mind blown. Nameberry's article lists a ton of totally female names that were once 100% boy names. Here are the 7 that most caught my eye! What do you think? Could any of these names be used today on a boy? -By Aela Mass


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