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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

You might wonder how this in-and-out-of-rehab A-lister suddenly tranformed, from a skinny boney frame, to a fuller cheeks and lips avatar. This photo taken recently at a charity gala, shows how this 26-year-old's partying and fast paced lifestyle has taken a toll on her skin to such an extent that she had to resort to botox.

But how much botox does one need? Her excessive pout and awkward smile suggests she went too far with the dose this time. More photos, here.

Botox and celebrities - Gone right or gone wrong?

The days of complaining about a bumpy nose or flabby jaw are long past.

Just get it fixed, is the new mantra for young and old Indians flooding

the clinics of cosmetologists.

But these international celebrities may have taken it too far.