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Bangladesh mutiny sentencing

A prisoner reacts as police force him into a van after the verdict for a 2009 mutiny is announced, in Dhaka November 5, 2013. A special court in Bangladesh on Tuesday sentenced to death more than 150 people, from among hundreds of mutineers accused of murder and arson at the headquarters of the country's border guards in 2009. (REUTERS/Andrew Biraj)

Bangladesh mutiny sentencing

A Bangladesh court sentenced 152 people to death Tuesday for a 2009 mutiny by disgruntled border guards who killed dozens of military commanders during a brutal, two-day uprising.

The sentences followed a mass trial involving 846 defendants — a process criticized by a human rights group who said it was not credible and that at least 47 suspects died in custody.

The border guards, known at the time of the mutiny as the Bangladesh Rifles, say they revolted over demands for salaries in line with their commanders' in the army; assignments on U.N. peacekeeping missions, which come with generous perks; and better facilities. (Associated Press)