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Flickr aurora borealis photos

Tommy Richardsen took this photo of the aurora borealis in the arctic on Jan. 9.

Aurora borealis photos flaunt nature's stunning green, aqua, red and turquoise skies

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Flickr photographers braved the cold and snow in the northern hemisphere over the last few weeks to seek these stunning shots of the aurora borealis. Norway’s official travel and tourism bureau says February offers one of the best aurora borealis viewing opportunities, especially above the Arctic Circle.

Also called the northern lights, the effect is caused by coronal ejections from the sun that trigger geomagnetic activity in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Photos by Tatra Photography, Rayann Elzein, Terje Lein-Mathisen, Margrét Elfa Jónsdóttir, Angeline You, Erling Sverre Nordoy, Tommy Richardsen, Kim Toft, approxi_mate.