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Famous portraits made from art

DETAIL of 'Dutch Specimen My1639' - Subject: 1639 Painting Of Maria Trip By Rembrandt (Photo by Michael Mapes/CATERS NEWS)

Artist recreates Dutch Master paintings with 3D collages

Yahoo News

An artist has recreated classic paintings by using miniature photographs of other famous works. Michael Mapes, from Croton Falls in New York, USA, creates his art using thousands of photos of individual Dutch masterpieces. He began work on the collection in 2013 and has so far has created five works inspired by the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer. (CATERS NEWS)

According to Mapes' website,

"This new series is inspired by Dutch Master portraiture. In a method consistent with earlier work, subjects are examined through a pseudo scientific method specifically working with materials and processes signifying entomological, biological and forensic science.

My work suggests the meta-relationship of the subject content, which is to say, it creates a dimensional collage of a painting of a person. In doing so, I consider ways in which to reconstruct the original subject to suggest new meanings.

Along with thousands of dissected photos of the original painting, I add a mix of other contrived materials ranging from hair samples to recent photos to costume jewelry. The finished “collections” become dimensional collages within the realm of contemporary portraiture of 17th century subjects."

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