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Dragonfly Insectothopter

Developed by CIA's Office of Research and Development in the 1970s, this micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was the first flight of an insect-sized aerial vehicle (Insectothopter). It was an initiative to explore the concept of intelligence collection by miniaturized platforms. (Courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency)

Artifacts from the Central Intelligence Agency Museum

The CIA Museum, housed in the agency’s headquarters just outside Washington DC, showcases some of the most impressive artifacts officers and operatives have acquired throughout the Cold War and the global war on terrorism. It’s a collection of spy gear – cameras hidden in matchbooks, a remote controlled fish – and items collected from some of the agency’s biggest successes, like Osama bin Laden’s assault rifle. Yahoo News got an exclusive look at the collection, but herefrom the CIA’s own catalog are some of the treasures hidden away in the most intriguing museum you’ll probably never visit.

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