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Art Made From Junk

NELSON MANDELA. (Photo by Jane Perkins/Caters News)

Art made from junk

Yahoo News

One artist doesn't mind if people class her work as rubbish. Thats because all of her pieces are made out of junk found in charity shops, garage sales and in and around her home. Using the likes of buttons, broken jewelry and toy parts, Jane Perkins, from Exeter, UK, has recreated the famous faces of Albert Einstein, David Beckham, Kate Middleton, The Queen, as well as some of the worlds most iconic paintings and photographs. Perkins, 55, came up with the idea for her quirky style in 2006, after writing a thesis about recycling materials to use them for art. Having tried her hand at recreating a junk version of a Matisse painting, Jane decided to focus her work on people that public would recognize most - starting with her very own take on Queen Elizabeth II. (CATERS NEWS)

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