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The March Of The Emperor Penguins In Antarctica 

It’s not easy to visit Antarctica, one of the world’s cruellest and most desolate environments, but it sure is worth it. Watching great swarms of penguins huddling together, stumbling through blizzards or nose-diving into the bone-chilling water is just astonishing. The smoky grey fluff-ball chicks don’t waddle far from the safety of their parents, but visitors to Antarctica on a cruise can spot them without too much difficulty. And it’s not only penguins - great big albatrosses whirl through the iron sky, far seals sprawl on the water’s edge and whales breach the surf. Abercrombie & Kent offer a luxury 14-night Classic Antarctica Cruise from £10,300 per person, including full-board accommodation, excursions and domestic flights. [Photo: Pexels]


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