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America's Fastest-Growing Counties

No. 1: Williamson County, Texas

Population Growth, 2010-12: 7.94%
2012 Population: 456,232

America's fastest-growing areas: Comeback of the suburbs

For nearly a half century, the death of suburbs and exurbs has been prophesied by pundits, urban real-estate interests and their media allies, and they ratcheted up the volume after the housing crash of 2007.

Yet an analysis by demographer Wendell Cox of the counties with populations over 100,000 that have gained the most new residents since 2010 tells us something very different: Suburbs and exurbs are making a comeback. Of the 10 fastest-growing large counties all but two — Orleans Parish and Midland — are located in the suburban or exurban fringe of major metropolitan areas. | By Joel Kotkin, Forbes

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