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Amazing creature scupltures with scrap metal

Butterfly by Edouard Martinet (Photo by Edouard Martiniet/CATERS NEWS)

Amazing creature sculptures with scrap metal

Yahoo News

An amazing artist transforms scrap metal into incredible sculptures of insects, birds, fish, and other animals. Edouard Martinet from Brittany, France, creates the sculptures from all manner of salvaged parts and junk, including car and bicycle parts, typewriters, and medical equipment. The 50-year-old has been fascinated by insects from the age of 10 when one of his teachers was obsessed by the crawling creatures. Martinet has been named the art worlds virtuoso insectophile and has been known to work on a sculpture for 17 years, when missing a vital component to artistic perfection. Each intricate insect takes about a month for Edouard to create and he works on two or three models at a time.

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