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International Currency Collage

"Cash Cow," (C.K. Wilde)

The currency collages of C. K. Wilde

Yahoo News

Artist C. K. Wilde creates intricate collage compositions using pieces of paper currency from all over the world. His collages have referenced subjects ranging from space exploration, to mythology, religion, slavery, ecology, the history of warfare, the history of money, and art history.

C.K. Wilde: "My fetishization of paper money comes from my childhood. I traveled to Europe often to visit my relatives. When I returned, I often still had money from the places where I traveled. An attempt to buy candy with Deutsche Marks in the U.S. brought into sharp relief the inherent contradictions of nationalism and international travel. Are we not one people on our one planet? I thought. Why is this money powerful only in one context, useless in another?" (Yahoo News)

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