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Alejandro Cartagena – "The Car Poolers": Winner of "The Fence"

Photograph by Alejandro Cartagena

Alejandro Cartagena – The Car Poolers: Winner of "The Fence"

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For a second year, THE FENCE - Brooklyn’s premiere summer-long, outdoor photographic exhibition - invited photographers from around the world to explore and define the meaning of community across cultural boundaries and geographical lines. Presented by United Photo Industries, Photo District News, Brooklyn Bridge Park and Flash Forward Festival and curated by a jury of more than 30 highly-respected photography professionals, THE FENCE presented the work of 40 talented photographers from around the world.

Covering 1000 ft of construction fence in the iconic Brooklyn Bridge Park, THE FENCE has been seen by over 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE since June 15, 2013. In addition to Brooklyn, we curated a special edition in the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in Boston with our new partners the Flash Forward Festival - where 18 of these talented Photographers were showcased spanning over 400 Feet.

As part of the curatorial process, the jury was called upon to award the singular honor of the Jury Grand Prize to one photographer for the depth of their artistic vision and commitment to their photographic practice. In 2013 the jury selected Alejandro Cartagena for his series The Car Poolers.

"The Car Poolers is a project that continues my visual research on how the suburbs impact the landscape, the city and its inhabitants. I’ve been shooting the project for a year on Monterey’s highway 85 going south bound to one of the richest cities in Latin America, San Pedro Garza Garcia, one of 9 cities that conform the Metropolitan area. The images address overgrowth issues in Mexico, where suburbs are being built far from the urban centers, causing greater commutes and consumption of gas." (Alejandro Cartagena)

United Photo Industries is proud to present and exhibit this astonishing piece of work and in addition to the UPI Gallery and the FENCE in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Cartagena's THE CAR POOLERS can also be viewed in the public realm in a subway tunnel in Paris, France and in a various Bus Shelters in a Montevideo, Uruguay. THE CAR POOLERS is certainly taking over the world!

The Car Poolers will be on display in the United Photo Industries Gallery from December 5 through to January 31, 2014. (United Photo Industries)

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