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1. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Chhibber

Nobody comes close to our King Khan when it comes to his real life romance with wife Gauri. The actor won Gauri’s heart, but just like a typical 90s masala film had the whole family ‘brigade‘of Gauri, against their marriage. But at last, this Dilwala took the Dulhaniya away and are now a blissfully married couple.

9 Bollywood Khans and their Hindu wives

From a rich girl marrying a poor boy to the modern eras’ Ishaqzaade’

who are ready to die in each others arms rather than getting separated

in the name of religion, these love sagas are endless. Here's a

look at the real life ‘Ishaqzaade’ of Bollywood, who married outside

their religion and are living

happily ever after.

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