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Honey and Crocodile Poop

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Honey and Crocodile Poop
The Ancient Egyptians were known to make diaphragms out of honey and crocodile feces to block sperm.

The 7 Weirdest Birth Control Methods Throughout History

It has not always been a world of birth control pills and condoms. In fact, there was a time when wooden blocks, elephant dung, and mercury prevailed. Take ancient China for instance: ladies who were feeling a little randy would take a nice drink of fresh mercury to avoid getting pregnant (do not try this at home). The Middle Ages came up with the brilliant idea of having women insert wooden blocks before intercourse, but then realized that hey, that's kind of torture. However, it wasn't all failed attempts. The contraceptives used through the ages became a pathway to the ideas behind most of the contraceptives today. Click through for 7 strange contraceptive methods throughout history! -By Jaime Morrison Curtis


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