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LBD-friendly foods


If you think your bloating is a result of fluid retention eat some foods that contain high amounts of water, such as melon. Foods with high levels of water are fantastic at reducing the symptoms of water retention and constipation because water is a diuretic (this means it makes you pee more).

The high water content present in melon has other benefits too. Bloating can be the result of dehydration. Therefore, by tucking into this fruit you are rehydrating yourself, hopefully to the point that you conquer that bloat.

How to eat it: Chop up watermelon and honeydew melon and pour over some natural yoghurt.

7 LBD-friendly foods

If you want to fit into your dress for a big night out, amp up your glamour and confidence by eating some of these LBD-friendly foods. The seven foods listed below will help you to combat any bloating you’re suffering from and they’ll also aid your digestion, so that you can look amazing in your party dress and feel incredible.