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The Lice...

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The Lice...
Just as you can be sure that the chalkboards will be clean on the first day of school, the books new and teachers refreshed, you can count on the lice greeting the children's head at the main entrance. Sure, your kid has to suffer through some chemical shampooing, but at least they get to watch cartoons while Mom is picking the nits out. And while the kid is sound asleep with a Vaseline mask suffocating any stowaways, Mom gets to suffer from insomnia while worrying and wondering if she's sanitized every piece of bedding sufficiently.

7 Hilarious Reasons Why Kindergarten is Harder on Moms Than Kids

If only kindergarten were as elementary as it looks. Sure, for the children it's all juice boxes, P.E., and learning about sharing and caring. But for moms? Who do you think is packing the juice boxes, washing the sweaty clothes, and blotting the tears after the sharing didn't happen as a result of no one caring? Yep. Kindergarten is great. For kids. For moms? It's laughable how seriously tough it can be. Here are the top 7 reasons why starting school is way harder on moms than their kindergarteners. -By Meredith Carroll

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