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Make dinner a family affair

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Make dinner a family affair
It's tempting to kick kids out of the kitchen so you can just get dinner on the table already. But involving them in meal prep - even if it's just one or two simple tasks - is a great way to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Some of the tasks I give my kids: mixing, spreading, stirring, and, yes, even slicing. Big kids need to learn how to use knives!

7 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Kids on Busy School Nights

The school year is here! And for many of us that means trading in long, lazy days together for a much more compressed period of time to connect. (In our house, it's also going to mean daily tennis practices for my oldest son, weekly basketball and gymnastics for the younger kids, and a smattering of school-related meetings and events to try to fit in around family dinners, homework and bedtime. Ouch.) So at this time of year I find myself looking for ways to reconnect with my kids in the evenings, when time is precious and limited. Here are some regular activities I've incorporated in past school years (and a handful I plan on working into the routine this year!) -By Meagan Francis

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