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50th Anniversary of deadly Birminghan, Ala. church boming

Unidentified mourners, who overflowed the church, stand across the street during funeral services for 14-year-old Carol Robertson, Sept. 17, 1963, Birmingham, Ala. The girl was one of four young African Americans killed in a bomb blast the previous Sunday. (AP Photo)

50th Anniversary of deadly Birmingham, Ala. church bombing

Fifty years after a bomb ripped through a church basement, killing four girls and shocking a racially divided nation, the city of Birmingham, Alabama, on Sunday commemorated the tragedy that marked a shift in the country's battle over civil rights.

"It is a sad story, but there is a joy that came out of it," said Sarah Collins Rudolph, who survived the blast at the 16th Street Baptist Church. Her 14-year-old sister, Addie Mae Collins, was among the victims of the bomb planted by a member of the Ku Klux Klan. (Reuters)

Here's a look back.