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The Wrap Skirt - Like the wrap dress hugs the body creating the appearance of an hourglass shape, the wrap skirt - while half the size - can work similar magic. The asymmetric line breaks the width of the body in a way that can slim your waist in a cinch. Pun intended.

5 Slimming Bottoms that Basically Work Magic

By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

No matter what size you are, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a look that's truly streamlined. And, while we totally dig a great boxy shape and an oversized piece, those silhouettes may add more bulk than we're comfortable with. So, in search of wardrobe staples that also instantly define your shape, we've rounded up five bottoms that sneakily do all the work for you.

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After all, schedules get busy, gym plans get skipped, and some days we all feel like we could use a little boost. These pieces have all the characteristics to help you look and feel amazing.

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