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5 best cities for cheapskates

3. Des Moines, Iowa

Metro population: 562,406

Cost of living: 8.7% below average

Median household income:$59,381

Nearby public libraries and museums: 108

Dollar Generals within ten miles of downtown: 14

With low living costs across the board, Iowa's capital is sure to please. Both grocery and health care expenses are about 6% cheaper than average. The median home value is $153,700, or $32,500 less than the national median. Apartment dwellers enjoy equally affordable housing costs, with an average rent of just $754 a month (about a third less than the U.S. average).

You'll have plenty of places to go around town if you're looking for affordable fun. The concentration of public libraries and museums is the second highest of all the cities on this list, with 1.92 per 10,000 people. You can enjoy both the Des Moines Arts Festival and ArtFest Midwest ("The Other Art Show") for free.

5 best cities for cheapskates

Next time someone calls you a "cheapskate," take it as a compliment. After all, frugality is the new black in these post–Great Recession times. Even the super-rich pinch pennies to help them stay that way. And bargain-hunting is practically a televised sport (see "Extreme Couponing" on TLC or news coverage of Walmart on Black Friday for proof).

If now is prime time to be a cheapskate, where is the best place to be one? Kiplinger scoured the country for cities where living costs are well below average and incomes are higher than average. The unique combination of prosperity and affordability should appeal to cheapskates and spendthrifts alike.

Yahoo! Homes is publishing the top five cities for cheapskates. Click here to see the rest of the top 10 on Kiplinger.com. | By Stacy Rapacon, Kiplinger.com

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