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2013 Perseid meteor photo

(Photo © Kenneth Brandon) Photographer Kenneth Brandon created this composite shot of 73 meteors on Aug. 12 in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in California’s White Mountains. He writes: “For the Perseids I headed out to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of California. The oldest trees in the world are quite impressive. This is a composite shot of 73 meteors I found in a time-lapse I was shooting. I aligned the meteors as they were captured according to where they were against the stars. Huge thanks to Wayne Barsky (flickr.com/lightismight) who happened to be shooting nearby and let me borrow an extra intervalometer after both my time-lapse dolly and intervalometer had broken. Without that, this shot would not have been possible! My Facebook Page: on.fb.me/KennethDarkSkyChaser

2013 Perseid meteor shower photos from Flickr

Starting in early August and peaking this past weekend, Perseid meteors streaked across skies around the world.

As up to 100 meteors an hour lit up the night sky, Flickr photographers captured the annual celestial event. This gallery features some of the photos we received in our Yahoo! News "Your Photos" group. The Perseids, named for the constellation Perseus from which the meteors appear to emerge, arrive when Earth passes through debris left by the Swift-Tuttle comet.

The comet’s dust smashes into our planet’s atmosphere at 132,000 mph, according to NASA.

Check out photos from past Perseid meteor showers or add yours to our Flickr group.

Photos by: allencarrollcook, EMHazel, nalamanpics, Jodi Irvin Photography, Antonio Costa, bjarne.winkler, RHS in Nova Scotia, Sergio Garcia Rill, Jay Craft, StephenGA, Hongming Zheng, wd.bowman, Andrius Aleksandravičius, Kenneth Brandon, slworking2, Eric Dugan, Cat Connor, Mark Chance Photography, pylacroix, p_c_w, Gary D. Avey, Matt Molloy