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St Mary’s Church, Krakow, Poland Built in red brick with a wooden altar, the 14th century church rebuilt in Gothic style stands in the heart of Krakow and was built on the ruins of an earlier church, which was destroyed in a war. The church is characterised by two tall towers, a legend that refers to two brothers who built the church; one was murdered by the other due to jealousy. We wait near the Main Market Square to hear the trumpet played from atop the taller tower, a tradition that continues every day. The tradition, referred to as Hejnal Mariacki, is the playing of a Krakow anthem as a tribute to the 13th century bugler who was killed during a war when he tried to warn the people.

12 Great Churches in Europe

Europe is a destination for churches, cathedrals and castles. Be it a small hamlet or a big city, churches are key landmarks in both old and new towns and they tell many a story. Weathering political events, wars, natural disasters, and the passage of time, these churches are not just symbols of cities, but they reflect the architecture and the atmosphere of the times. Discover some of Europe’s finest churches with LAKSHMI SHARATH