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11 "Real" Haunted Houses to Visit—If You Dare!

The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana

A staggering 10 murders are said to have been committed on the grounds of The Myrtles Plantation, although only one is confirmed. Nevertheless, numerous reports of ghoulish activity—ghosts of former slaves appearing to ask about chores, inexplicable footsteps heard on the stairs, and even a grand piano playing itself—have earned this 18th century Louisiana plantation the reputation of being one of America's most haunted homes. The property is now a bed-and-breakfast, so you can check in and check it out for yourself.

11 "Real" Haunted Houses to Visit—if You Dare!

Creaking doors, cold spots, moving objects—be afraid, be very afraid of these famed ghostly retreats. | By Sara Carpenter, BobVila.com