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10 ways your bathroom is making you sick chaulking

Icky Caulk and Cracked Tiles
Puckered, missing, or shrunken caulk can allow water to seep into a wall cavity, leading to mold or even wall failure. Likewise, a chunk of missing grout in a tub surround can cause serious water damage behind the tiles. Not only will this damage cost you big bucks to fix, but it will harm your health when you breathe the air in the affected room. Molds reproduce by releasing spores that can provoke allergic reactions ranging from the mild (itchy eyes, runny nose, head congestion, coughing) to the more severe (skin rashes and worsened asthma).

Replace failing caulk and cracked tiles to discourage mold from growing behind the walls. Get step-by-step advice on fixing both here.